“You’re a fraud:” Senate debate turns heated


PORTLAND (WGME) – CBS 13 hosted a debate between the three candidates for U.S. Senate for Maine on Tuesday night, with some of the questions leading to heated moments between the candidates.

The very first question of the debate was about the mass shooting in Pittsburgh over the weekend, and what each candidate had to say about President Trump’s comments on bodyguards at places of worship. That question lead to multiple topics of discussion, including Democrat Zak Ringelstein saying he’s unhappy with Republican Eric Brakey’s negative comments on refugees and immigration.

Ringelstein says that Brakey made a comment about Mainers being replaced by refugees, and Ringelstein says comments like that can lead to violence.

“Violent rhetoric leads to violent actions, Eric this is disgraceful, you should be ashamed of yourself, and we shouldn’t have somebody who is frankly sympathizing with neo-Nazis on our stage right now,” Ringelstein said.

State Senator Eric Brakey says that Ringelstein’s accusations were false, and that he was “desperate” for votes.

“You’re doing a lot of name calling. You’re doing a lot of ad hominem attacks, and frankly that quote is, not even the words I said,” Brakey said.

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