Liberty is a simple principle: it means we have freedom to live our lives and responsibility for the choices we make. It means we work hard, help our neighbors, never expect a handout and tell the government to mind its own damn business.

The problem is that the Federal Government does not mind its own business and has slowly but surely taken over vast portions of the U.S. economy.

The parts that haven’t been taken over are being drowned in red tape, courtesy of unelected bureaucrats. You and I don’t get a say in any of this, which is why I call it “regulation without representation.”

Maine deserves better 

Right in front of us, the livelihoods of Maine people are being destroyed. Our lobstermen have pioneered sustainable fishing practices for centuries and now unelected Washington agencies are abusing their power and threatening to decimate our lobster industry because they believe they can do better.

And it isn’t only our lobstermen who are affected. Maine’s small nursing homes are being crushed under mountains of red tape. They are being forced to lay off nurses in favor of more bureaucrats. Maine’s paper mills are dying off under the burdens of federal over-regulation.

Did Maine people ever have a vote on this? Did our elected representatives have a vote? No. These unelected agencies don’t believe they are accountable to us. They expect to issue commands and for us to obey. Our elected Representatives put on a good show to act like they’re doing their jobs, but they’re just there as window dressing giving the illusion that we have a say in these decisions.

A solution – the REINS Act

As a Maine State Senator, not only was I able to bring people together, I was also willing to stand alone against bloated budgets, corporate welfare and the growing nanny state, taking our money and telling us how to live.

When elected to Congress, I will join with bill sponsor Senator Rand Paul and work to pass the REINS Act, which would require Congress to approve all new regulations with significant financial impacts on the U.S. economy before they can go into effect.

The REINS Act defines major agency regulations as those that have financial impacts on the U.S. economy of $100 million or more, increase consumer prices, or have significant harmful effects on the economy. 

It’s time to rein in these unelected bureaucrats with the REINS Act. Anytime they have a new regulation that would decimate our economy, our representatives should have to vote on it.

No regulation without representation!


Chip into the campaign today!


Chip into the campaign today!