For Maine to be safe, we must be free to protect ourselves and our families.

This is why I authored Maine’s Constitutional Carry law, bringing together Republicans, Democrats and Independents in Augusta to restore our gun rights. Since then, Maine has climbed the rankings to become the “Safest State in America” with the nation’s lowest violent crime rate.

Gun control policies may be well intended, but they make us all less safe. Of all the mass shootings in America, 92% take place in “gun free zones” where law-abiding citizens are disarmed and criminals take advantage.

Broadly speaking, all gun control policies fail for the same reason — they create obstacles to gun ownership for law-abiding citizens that are easily overcome by those without respect for the law. Permitting requirements won’t stop someone from robbing a liquor store. Gun bans and background checks won’t stop criminals from acquiring firearms on the black market. In a moment of crisis, however, all these policies turn law-abiding citizens into unarmed victims.

When seconds count, police are minutes away.

Gun control policies may comfort some with the illusion of safety, but the only effective deterrent and response to an armed criminal with intent to harm others is the 2nd Amendment. When criminals believe their victims can fight back, they think twice — and when deterrence isn’t enough, the 2nd Amendment empowers people to defend themselves, their families and their communities.

Despite the failure of gun control policies nationwide, well-funded special interests continue proposing new ways to erode our right to keep and bear arms. One of the most dangerous new proposals are “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Orders, which would empower government agents to target individual gun owners — with no notice, due process or even suspicion of a crime — for firearm confiscation.

I will fight tooth and nail against “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation, and I have already proven I know how to defeat this unconstitutional gun control proposal.

In 2019, when “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation was proposed at the Maine State House, I rallied thousands of Maine people to hold their legislators accountable. Despite huge Democrat majorities in the Maine Legislature, we defeated this dangerous policy — but now the idea is being advanced in Washington, D.C. and we need a proven champion to fight back.

In the race for US Congress, I am the only candidate with a proven track record of restoring our gun rights. As your next Congressman, I will lead the charge to defeat “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation and defend our 2nd Amendment.


Chip into the campaign today!


Chip into the campaign today!