2nd Amendment

The right to keep and bear arms is fundamental to a free society.

That’s why I authored Maine’s Constitutional Carry law --- protecting the rights of all law-abiding Maine people to carry a handgun without a government permission slip --- and  brought Republicans, Democrats and Independents together at the state capital to get it passed. Since then, Maine has been ranked four years in a row the “Safest State in America.”

That is also why, as your next Congressman, I will always defend our right to keep and bear arms in the nation’s capital.

In the race for US Congress, I’m the only candidate with a proven track record of not only supporting our 2nd Amendment, but also getting things done to restore our rights.

They want your guns

Right now, the Washington politicians are pushing “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Orders, a pre-crime measure which allows government to confiscate firearms from American people, not suspected of any crime, without any due process. 

They used to couch their gun control plans with the old lie that “nobody wants to take your guns.” Now they are making it very clear, “Yes, we’re coming for your guns.”

If you’d like to see this for yourself, just tune in to any of the recent or upcoming debates for the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary.

Guaranteed failure

Most gun control laws provide an illusion of safety, without delivering results.

Of the mass shootings in America, 92% take place in “gun free zones” where law-abiding citizens are defenseless and criminals ignore the law. Disarming law-abiding citizens isn’t a rational answer to stopping those who mean us harm.

With strong protections for our firearm rights, Maine is the safest state in America. To stop violent crime, states should emulate the firearm freedoms of Maine, not the failed gun control policies of crime-ridden Chicago.


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