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Milton Friedman was right when he said that we cannot have open borders and a welfare state. It simply does not work.

Our immigration policy must include a strong, comprehensive security solution for our border. Any approach to security should be multifaceted, combining a physical structure with aerial surveillance and other technologies to support our border patrol agents.

And we cannot have America be a destination for welfare benefits. We must reform our social safety nets so that we do not have welfare as an enticement for people to come to our nation.

We must defend our nation, and put our citizens first. In the State Senate, I have a track record of advocating that we need to make citizens our first priority, sponsoring legislation to end welfare benefits for non-citizens so that our limited resources can be used for our most needy and vulnerable citizens.

Americans are a generous people, but we cannot be foolish. For our own safety and economic well-being, our immigration system must serve America’s interests.

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