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We all know the old saying, “The customer is always right.” That’s why competitive businesses regularly bend over backward to ensure their customers are satisfied with the goods and services provided, always looking for new ways to provide better quality at lower prices.

Sadly, our healthcare system isn’t working this way. As far as patients are concerned, healthcare is increasingly expensive for services that are stagnant in quality. Why is this happening?

This is happening because our healthcare system is focused on serving its customers — but sadly, we the patients are not the customers. Instead, big government and big insurance companies have stepped between us and our doctors — taking our money and paying on our behalf — stealing the power of the customer for themselves so healthcare providers cater to their needs, not ours. Meanwhile, us little guys, the patients, are treated like products on an assembly line.

If we are going to improve healthcare for the little guy, we need to give power and choice to the patients, not to big government or big insurance companies.

Our healthcare system is a tangled, expensive web of policies and regulations that result in Americans not being able to access the care they need — or paying too much for insurance and care. ObamaCare has failed, and Americans are hurting because of it.

We must look to free-market solutions to spur innovation, increase competition and give patients control over their own healthcare decisions.

Big government solutions are not working, and they cannot be the answer for our future.

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