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I believe that our foreign policy must put America First.

America cannot be the world’s policeman. Nor should we ask our taxpayers to send money to foreign governments that work against our interests.

Our military is over-extended, with a presence in 177 countries across the world. We have been fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for over a decade. American lives are being put at risk every day for nation-building efforts that are not working.

Defending our nation is the most important role of our federal government, but in doing so we must be sure that our actions are within the Constitution and are in the best interest of our nation.

The Constitution tasks Congress with the serious responsibility of declaring war. War should never be a unilateral decision; sending our men and women overseas to die for their country is a decision that should be long debated and considered as the serious, weighty decision that it is.

America must defend itself, and we must defend our founding principles as we do so.

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