A Real Plan to Reign in Over-Spending

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1. No increases in spending unless offset with decreases in spending.

Congress loves to spend money they don’t have. Sometimes there are legitimate new spending needs that arise, and we can accommodate those needs.

We cannot, however, continue piling on more and more spending without accompanying cuts when we are $20 trillion in debt.

When Washington DC prioritizes everything, they are really prioritizing nothing. If a new priority arises, let’s make it a real priority and pay for it with cuts to spending elsewhere in the budget, not by saddling Americans with more debt.

2. Institute the “Penny Plan”

Benjamin Franklin told us, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

If we cut just one penny for every dollar spent in Washington DC, then over ten years we would save $8.7 trillion.

We all know there is waste and bloat in government. Washington DC spent $850,000 on a televised cricket league in Afghanistan, $450,000 on a video game to teach children about climate change and half a million studying whether selfies make you happy.

If they can afford to waste our money on programs like these, we can afford to cut them by a penny.

3. Real budgeting.

No more phony cuts.

Do you know what they call it when they plan to increase spending by 15%, but instead it goes up by 10%? They call that a 5% cut.

If you planned to gain 15 pounds, but instead you only gained 10, did you lose 5 pounds? Of course not.

This is phony math designed to fool us into giving them more of our money. It is time for Washington DC to live under a real budget.

4. Social Security Preservation Act.

Social Security is in danger because Congress can’t control its spending addiction. In order to keep riding their spending high, they have regularly raided Social Security, spending our retirement money on their pet projects and giving us IOUs they can’t pay for.

We shouldn’t let the fox guard the hen house any longer. The Social Security Preservation Act would protect our Social Security dollars from the politicians by placing it all in a trust fund that they can’t touch: preserving the program for our seniors today and future generations tomorrow.

5. Give seniors greater use of private contracting in Medicare.

Repeal policy forcing seniors to get Medicare if they want social security and enact President Trump’s plan to allow seniors to make tax-deductible contributions to Medicare Healthcare Savings Accounts in exchange for means-testing benefits for upper-income seniors.

With this plan, we can both improve choice and quality for our seniors, while shoring up the solvency of Medicare so that it continues to function for our most vulnerable.

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