Eric Brakey Campaign Surges in Latest Poll


Auburn, ME – Our campaign conducted a poll from September 27 – September 30 among a random sample of 750 likely Maine voters. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.4 percentage points, and does not include the recent national upward trend of enthusiasm from Republican voters.

This is the fourth time we have polled for the Brakey Campaign, and the race has tightened substantially since our last survey in August.

The race currently sits at 47 percent for incumbent Angus King, 36 percent for Republican Eric Brakey and 8 percent for Democrat Zak Ringlestein.  Overall, Brakey has risen 7 points while King and Ringelstein have held static.

This poll shows an 11 point surge for Brakey over public polling.

Key takeaways:

  • Brakey’s 7 point rise now puts him within realistic striking distance.
    • 38 percent of respondents do not have enough information to form an opinion on Brakey, down from 46 percent in our last survey. As more voters tune in, Eric’s numbers should rise as his name ID continues to grow.
    • 80 percent of undecided voters have a favorable opinion of President Trump, while only 9 percent disapprove. Brakey has room to grow, while King has very little.
  • King remains under 50 percent, a perilous position for any incumbent in this disrupted political environment.
    • With no party apparatus or party backed Super PAC, Angus has no foreseeable allies to ride to the rescue.

Path to Victory:

Our survey instrument also tested several messages with Maine Voters. We played video of Angus King calling for the importation of refugees from Syria and Somalia into Maine to take Maine jobs and also presented positive messages about Brakey’s plan to create good paying jobs for current Mainers. A substantial 19 percent of King supporters said they were less likely to vote for King after learning about his position, while 76 percent of all respondents identified a plan creating jobs for native born Mainers as key that would influence their vote.

This issue one-two punch appears sufficient to move this race to a margin of error contest in the coming weeks and neck and neck on Election Day.

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