Candidate Brakey targets D.C. insiders


ELLSWORTH — U.S. Senate candidate Eric Brakey took his campaign to Hancock County Monday.

The 30-year-old Republican state senator from Auburn seeks to unseat Sen. Angus King (I-Maine).

Brakey toured the area speaking with residents on his message of “better jobs, better health care, more freedom and less D.C. meddling in our lives.” His trip included stops in Deer Isle and Ellsworth.

“This campaign is not about Republican versus Democrat; it’s about Maine people versus Washington,” Brakey said. “We’re working hard and they’re getting rich.”

Brakey also discussed the workforce shortage in Maine, as well as the need for better-paying jobs. He positioned King as wanting to give those jobs to a diverse cohort of people from Somalia and Syria.

“We certainly should have compassion for these people from these war-torn regions, but we could make a big impact by just stopping arming these radical groups like Angus King has voted in favor of,” Brakey said. “Instead he wants to take these refugees, bring them here to Maine, and essentially have them replace our lost kids in the workforce.

“When I talk to college students, everyone is looking for a job in another state. In high school, they’re already looking for an exit. But you talk to Maine people who’ve left? They’re looking for ways to come home. They want to be here. So let’s focus on creating better paying jobs and keeping our kids here and bringing our kids back. That’s the refugee crisis I’m worried about.”

In order to bring those higher paying jobs to Maine, Brakey advocated the “Economic Freedom Zones” first proposed by Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul in 2013.

Brakey, who got his start in Maine politics working on the 2012 presidential campaign of Rand’s father, Ron Paul, called the economic freedom zones a chance to keep money in underdeveloped areas such as Washington and Aroostook counties.

“Can ‘We the people’ build up our economy, or should we have government bureaucrats from a city 500 miles away handing our money out to special interests?” Brakey said.

On health care, Brakey decried what he called the monopolization of the industry with less choice and less access for customers.

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