June 5, 2020

Mr. President Donald Trump,

Welcome to Maine! Thank you for coming to listen to Maine people.

Like you, we are a people who say what we think — and that’s how we find out quickly most of the politicians don’t listen.

These days, our own Governor Janet Mills isn’t listening to the Maine people. She has cut our elected representatives out of the policy-making process. Her frequent arbitrary orders throw our state into chaos — destroying our jobs, our freedoms and the way life should be.

Our Congressman Jared Golden is fundamentally ineffective — afraid of doing anything that will offend his socialist base — doing nothing meaningful as the lives of Mainers fall apart around us.

In this time of crisis, when our more immediate elected officials won’t listen — many of us appreciate that you would choose to visit Maine and hear from us.

Maine has a lot to offer in the challenges facing our nation.

At Puritan Medical Products in Guilford, you will see the famous Maine work ethic.

We are proud of all our fellow Mainers — from those making medical supplies to those trucking them across the country — who are contributing to solutions in this crisis.

When you sit down with Maine fisherman in Bangor, please take note of concerns raised over unaccountable federal bureaucrats strangling this great Maine industry.

In particular, our Maine lobstermen are being decimated by draconian federal regulations.

We are told to cut Maine lobster lines in half. We are told this is for the right whales. We are told that the “experts” in Washington D.C. have decided this and we should just accept it.

We reply that our lobstermen already invested in expensive breakaway lines to protect whales, and there are no documented cases of right whales caught in our lines.

Many are being thrown out of work, yet Mainers never had a vote.

No one listens.

Maine people have pioneered sustainable fishing for centuries, yet we have no say over these decisions in our own sovereign waters.

This is regulation without representation. Our founders would have found this unacceptable, and many of us still do today.

Please hear Maine fisherman and exercise your authority as President to end these unconstitutional regulations.

And further, I Please urge Congress to pass Senator Rand Paul‘s REINS Act to end federal regulation without representation once and for all.

Mr. President, thank you again for coming to speak with Maine people.

There are many things Maine has to offer and we are honored to be recognized.

Our Governor may say you aren’t welcome, but many Maine people say otherwise.

Welcome to Maine.
The Way Life Should Be.

Free Maine,
Eric Brakey
Candidate for Congress

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