Thank you for the support of Republicans at the Waldo County GOP Caucus in today’s straw poll. While this was an informal straw poll, and results only represent a snapshot of the room, I am honored that a majority present who cast their votes of support for our campaign to #FreeMaine and #FreeAmerica.

I also want to thank both my Republican primary opponents. They each had supporters present who believe in them, and for good reason. I have worked with each of them over the last decade in service to the conservative cause, and I respect their accomplishments. Their willingness to put their names forward in this race for Congress is a credit to them.

Over the last eight years, I have had the tremendous honor to work side-by-side with thousands of grassroots Maine Republicans, winning many great victories for freedom this past decade.

Like our President Donald Trump, I came into the Maine Republican Party like a wrecking ball. At the age of 23, I helped lead a broad grassroots coalition of Ron Paul Republicans to victory in the 2012 caucuses and convention. Today, many of those who came into the party with me that year are some of the most active members of the Maine GOP today.

For my part, I’ve been working to unify our party and win conservative victories often thought unwinnable. Together, we passed constitutional carry and reformed welfare. Together, we defeated “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation laws and the National Popular Vote. In 2018, I had the honor to help lead the GOP as our U.S. Senate nominee and 2nd District Republicans activists ranked our campaign the most exciting race at the top of the ticket.

I’m running for Congress today to #FreeMaine and #FreeAmerica. To accomplish this, we must unite Maine Republicans to defeat Jared Golden and take on the big challenges ahead of our American union.

Our healthcare system is broken; our federal government is $23 trillion in debt; our gun rights are under assault; our men and women in uniform are still fighting the 18th year of a missionless war that never ends halfway across the world; and the corrupt power establishment that created this mess is going after the President we elected to fire them. We have to stand up for ourselves.

I believe we can fix healthcare by firing the bureaucrats and putting patients and doctors back in charge; I believe we can control spending by restoring constitutional limits to our federal government; I believe we can defeat “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Orders in Washington with the same grassroots might we used in Augusta; I believe we can stand up for our soldiers to secure them a clear mission or a plane ride home; and I believe we can hold the corrupt power establishment accountable, prosecuting those who have committed crimes.

There are four months until primary day. We have a lot of work to do.

Our grassroots supporters are out in the snow knocking doors. Our message is hitting mailboxes and televisions. And I am personally working everyday to earn your support.

We inherited the torch of liberty from our Maine ancestors, who set it aflame in the American revolution. Now the responsibility falls to us (as past generations have done), to kindle the flame and pass it forward.

We have real challenges ahead of us, but the future need not be so dark if we can keep our torch of liberty burning bright.

Free Maine,
Eric Brakey


Chip into the campaign today!


Chip into the campaign today!