While out knocking doors yesterday, one of our grassroots supporters met a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who endured the 1983 Beirut Bombing in Lebanon, which killed 220 Marines and 21 service personnel.

This Maine veteran shared his story, telling our campaign about the problems he faces as a direct result of the Beirut bombing — but he has been denied certain veterans benefits because that military intervention was not “technically” in a time of active combat.

This is one of the many problems with the never-ending wars in the Middle East.

After many decades, the Washington D.C. establishment continues sending our soldiers halfway across the world to risk their lives in undeclared wars with unclear missions.

To add insult to injury, those veterans who make it home wounded in body and spirit don’t even receive the proper care and support for their service-related injuries and trauma.

Our soldiers and veterans deserve better! They answered the call to fight for us. Now, its our turn to fight for them.

In 2018, this Maine veteran voted for Democrat Jared Golden, thinking he would help disenfranchised veterans. To date, he has been disappointed to see a complete lack of follow through.

In 2020, this Maine veteran and his son are both supporting our campaign to #FreeMaine and #FreeAmerica because I will fight for our soldiers and our veterans.

For our active duty men and women in uniform, I will fight for a clear, winnable, #AmericaFirst mission or a plane ride home to your families.

For our veterans, I will fight to get every promise made to you fulfilled. If we have trillions of dollars to fight the wars, then we have the money to take care of those who fight them.


Chip into the campaign today!


Chip into the campaign today!