WHEREAS, Governor Janet Mills has ordered Maine into a state of economic shutdown for several weeks in response to the coronavirus, which has destroyed many small businesses and caused many Mainers to lose their jobs;

WHEREAS, data strongly suggests the coronavirus presents minimal threat to young and healthy Mainers, who should be free to return to work while exercising basic precautions;

WHEREAS, those vulnerable to the coronavirus, due to elderly age or underlying health conditions, should be free to voluntarily self-quarantine until the threat has passed;

WHEREAS, private businesses should be free to adopt policies to protect their employees and customers, including mask use, temperature reading and sick leave;

WHEREAS, President Donald Trump has released a plan for states to adopt that would end these economic shutdowns in three phases;

WHEREAS, the United States CDC has listed Maine in the “green zone” as one of the states least threatened by the coronavirus;

THEREFORE, we the undersigned People of Maine call upon Governor Janet Mills to OPEN MAINE in accordance with President Trump’s plan to Open America, ending the economic shutdown and restoring to the People of Maine our freedom to work and provide for the health and well being of our families.

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