In the 2016 race for President, Donald Trump said it was time to put “America First” and called for no more endless, nation building wars in the Middle East.

Against Hillary Clinton — who threatened to shoot Russian airplanes out of the sky in Syria and start WW3 — the choice was simple.

I voted for the candidate who promised to stand up for our soldiers, not throw them into more unnecessary wars.

Four years later, Donald Trump has proven himself. He’s the first President in my lifetime to not start any new wars, and he has also worked to bring existing wars to a close. He has earned my support for a second term.

And during this first term, I have proudly supported President Trump on several fronts:

– When the White House asked me to be a media surrogate on tax reform, I was proud to make the case for cutting taxes on the American people.

– When the Trump administration invited me to the White House to speak on the student debt crisis, I was honored to make the case for vocational education as an alternative to bloated university systems.

– When the Washington Swamp attacked President Trump with fraudulent investigations and a partisan impeachment, I proudly defended him in countless media interviews — and even delivered hundreds of petitions to our Congressman, Jared Golden, demanding he drop his support for impeachment.

When I go to Washington DC as your Congressman, I am going to stand by our President in the fight to Make America Great Again. That means:

– Standing up for our soldiers in the Middle East to get them a clear, America First mission or a plane ride home to their families.

– Fixing healthcare by firing the bureaucrats and empowering patients.

– Defending our gun rights by defeating all “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation proposals.

– Bringing to justice the corrupt FBI officials who forged documents, lied to the FISA courts, and spied on the President’s team.

I believe in a Free Maine and a Free America — and I intend to work with our President to protect and restore our freedoms for future generations.





Image: Gage Skidmore


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Chip into the campaign today!