The political left thinks they can turn the vast wealth of their oligarchs against our American Republic to destroy the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

For years they’ve been doing it secretly and incrementally, but last night it came out in the open. The current Democrat controlled Congress that’s been holding the Federal Government hostage since 2019 was largely the work of one man.

At last night’s Presidential Debate, New York City billionaire Mike Bloomberg proclaimed that he “bought” 21 Democrats in Congress, funneling $100 million into their races to put Nancy Pelosi in the speakership. Which members of Congress were “bought” by Mike Bloomberg?

One of them was Congressman Jared Golden in Maine’s 2nd District (who narrowly ousted incumbent Republican Bruce Poliquin in a controversial ranked choice election). The evidence of this comes in the form of four separate Bloomberg-funded PACs which spent outlandish sums of money to boost Golden’s campaign in 2018.

Why was Bloomberg so confident he could buy Jared Golden? Perhaps because Bloomberg had done it before.

In 2015, Golden was actually an original co-sponsor of my Constitutional Carry bill, which eliminated permitting requirements for concealed carry of firearms. However, when Mike Bloomberg started spending heavily to oppose it in Maine, Golden flipped and voted against the bill he had once cosponsored three separate times. Golden became property of Bloomberg for all intents and purposes.

Golden also voted in the Maine House of Representatives for Mike Bloomberg’s so-called “Universal Background Checks” legislation that would have criminalized transfers of firearms between law-abiding citizens.

This proposal was later repackaged as Question 3, a Bloomberg-funded gun control referendum (rejected by Mainers) managed by Bobby Reynolds, a senior campaign staffer to Golden’s 2018 congressional campaign who remains a senior advisor to Golden today.

Maine people reject Mike Bloomberg‘s gun control agenda and deserve a Congressmen who isn’t “bought” and beholden to this anti-gun New York City billionaire.

I am proud to be running to represent Northern Maine as a proven champion for the gun rights of all Maine people who has defeated Mike Bloomberg multiple times — leading grassroots efforts to pass Constitutional Carry and shoot down “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Orders.

I pledge to represent the people of Maine’s 2nd District and defend our constitutional right to keep and bear arms in Washington with no compromises.


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Chip into the campaign today!