Over 1,700 Mainers and counting have signed the petition to reopen Maine already.

AUGUSTA, ME – This afternoon Congressional candidate Eric Brakey delivered petitions in support of ending the shutdown and re-opening Maine to Janet Mills’ office. More than 1,700 petitions were submitted and the campaign vows to continue collecting signatures until a reasonable plan is announced. The current proposal from Janet Mills would devastate Maine’s economy. Here is a link to the FB live of the petition delivery: https://www.facebook.com/ericbrakeyforcongress/videos/245435006828013/

Senator Brakey’s statement on the petition delivery:
“People are struggling and as we learn more information about the coronavirus it has become increasingly clear that we need to put down the sledgehammer and pick up the scalpel. We need a surgical approach that protects our most vulnerable while allowing healthy Mainers to go back to work. Keeping the lockdown indefinitely will likely destroy Maine’s tourism industry and wreck our economy. It’s time to reopen Maine.”

Senator Brakey has previously called on the Governor to reconvene the legislature and give Mainers a voice:
“As long as the Legislature remains closed, the Maine people don’t have a voice. These shutdown decisions affect our health, jobs and rights, and that is why Maine people deserve a data-driven plan with clear benchmarks — not shifting goalposts — developed through a transparent and accountable process. When Kindergarten teachers can conduct class over Zoom video conferences, certainly our elected representatives can do their jobs as well.”