As the only candidate running for Maine’s 2nd Congressional District who has lead the charge and defeated Mike Bloomberg (multiple times), I say he can take his billions elsewhere: “Maine is NOT for sale — and neither are our constitutional freedoms.”

In 2015, when I sponsored Constitutional Carry and — with the support of grassroots organizations like Gun Owners of Maine — rallied thousands of Maine people to restore our 2nd Amendment rights, Bloomberg’s money began flooding the state and our airwaves.

Gov. LePage signs Sen. Eric Brakey’s Constituional Carry bill into law (2015)

Under pressure from Mike Bloomberg, “fair-weather” friends like Rep. Jared Golden abandoned their support for our 2nd Amendment, voting against Constitutional Carry three times — but we were not discouraged.

Thousands of Maine people called, emailed and demanded their legislators vote for our constitutional freedoms — and we won.

Bloomberg and his crew told us Maine would become the “Wild West” with shootouts in our streets. They were wrong. After passing Constitutional Carry, Maine became the “Safest State in America” five years in a row.

But that was just the start for Bloomberg.

A year later in 2016, his money came back to Maine, pushing Question 3, so-called “Universal Background Checks,” that would have effectively criminalized firearm transfers between law-abiding citizens and established the infrastructure for a statewide gun registry.

Massively outspent, many thought defeating Bloomberg would be impossible, but we banded together as Maine people, along with our elected Sheriffs, and defeated his gun control initiative at the ballot box — the only state in America to do so.

But Bloomberg didn’t learn his lesson.

Last year, Mike Bloomberg’s money came to our state once again, pushing legislation in Augusta for “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Orders that would allow government to target law-abiding citizens and seize their firearms with no due process of the law.

Maine people gather at the Maine State House to protest gun control proposals, including “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation. (2019)

Working alongside grassroots leaders at Gun Owners of Maine, we organized Maine people by the thousands and put our law-makers on notice that voting for this unconstitutional law would cost them their re-elections.

Even with Democrats in charge of Augusta, we not only defeated “Red Flag,” but we also shot down every last gun control proposal (all 12 of them) pushed by Mike Bloomberg and the organizations he funds!

Over the last half-decade, it has been my honor to lead the charge and hold the line against Mike Bloomberg’s never-ending assault on our 2nd Amendment rights. Now that he is running for President, he has pledged to enact nationwide gun registration and “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation.

Yesterday, Bloomberg came to Maine, still believing he can buy our state and our votes to destroy our 2nd Amendment.

As Maine people, we will never relent in the defense of our 2nd Amendment right to defend ourselves and our families; and as the next Congressman for Northern Maine, I will never relent in the defense of our Constitutional freedoms.

Free Maine,
Eric Brakey


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