Angus King Drops 11 Points in New Critical Insights Poll

Angus King is at 41%; 23% of Maine voters undecided in U.S. Senate Race 

PORTLAND, ME –  The Brakey campaign released the results of a poll conducted by Critical Insights, a respected Maine research firm. The question was as follows:

“If the 2018 General Election for U.S. Senate was being held today and the candidates were Republican Eric Brakey, Independent Angus King, and Democrat Zak Ringelstein –for which candidate would you vote?”

41% of registered voters said they plan to vote for Angus King, 27% for Eric Brakey, 7% for Zak Ringelstein and 23% of Maine voters are undecided.

Statement from campaign manager, David Boyer:

“Angus King’s campaign is in trouble. Maine voters are thinking twice about Angus and his partisan voting record. Eric Brakey is the real independent in the race that will reject DC special interests and put Maine people first.”

The campaign paid for a question on Critical Insights biannual tracking poll. The statewide survey of 600 Maine voters was conducted Oct 8 – Oct 16. The margin of error is +/- 3.9 percent. The results for the question the campaign asked can be viewed here.

The last public poll was conducted in early August by Suffolk University had Angus King at 52%. King was followed by Brakey, (25 percent) and Democrat Zak Ringelstein, (9 percent), with 15 percent undecided.

Click here to view the poll.

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